Fourth of July – Coeur D’Alene, Idaho Trip

Eric and I decided to go to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho to visit his mom and step father for the Fourth of July we were joined by my best friend Brianna and her boyfriend Brandon. We left out of Vegas on a flight through Southwest Airlines, there’s this yummy Mexican restaurant called Jose Cuervo Tequileria it’s in the C Gates of Terminal 1 we love to go to before our flight’s when flying Southwest Airlines. They have the best margaritas!

I got my nails done the day before and I have never done anything so crazy before but I found the design on Pinterest and I just couldn’t help myself!
After we landed in Spokane, WA we stayed the night at this charming hotel, Ramada at Spokane Airport. They had the best free buffet breakfast we’ve ever had. Around 11am Brianna and Brandon showed up and picked us up to take us to the cottage in Coeur D’Alene. On our way into town we stopped and got some fluids for the weekend!!
This was an interesting 20 min car ride!
When we arrived to the cottage, Tina (Eric’s mom) took us on a nice walk around the neighborhood and downtown to the main street. This place was so serene and so gorgeous. I just loved every minute of being there.
After lunch we decided to relax and get settled in and take a dip in the lake. Afterwards we went downtown and had dinner at The Cellar the menu was all sharable plates, which was fun. After dinner we went to the Iron Horse they had amazing drink specials. It was such a fun and yummy night!


On our second day in Coeur D’Alene, we decided to drive up to Silverwood Theme Park and spend the day there. It’s a waterpark and a theme park. This place had some of the best rides, and water rides we’ve ever been on. It was a hot day, but fun none the less. If you’re ever in northern Idaho I would definitely recommend going there! It’s worth the money!




On the Fourth of July, we decided to wake up extra early and head into Sandpoint, ID where we went fishing on this beautiful lake! I wish I new the name of it! I’ll have to ask Brandon and figure it out incase anyone wants to know.


I won the game we played, because Eric only caught baby fish and I caught these ones in the picture above, and don’t worry we threw them all back into the water, so no fish were hurt. After we stopped at this amazing restaurant Spud’s Waterfront Grill. You will come to find out that I love all types of potatoes, they’re my favorite food, and being in Idaho a lot of stuff includes potatoes, but nothing like this wonderful slice of heaven. This place serves their sandwiches in a baked potato. It was beyond amazing. Before heading home we stopped at this ice cream shop Panhandle Cone and Coffee and I tried the Lavender & Honey Ice Cream, it was divine!!! I wish I could of had a whole pint of it, or I could buy it somewhere here. It was soo yummy!
When we got back home everyone was ready for a nap before the festivities. When we woke up and got ready we all headed out to the patio, and the boys cooked dinner, while the rest of us just talked. It was so nice and calm for the Forth of July, probably because all the action was on the Lake that day. We had chicken, salmon, potatoes, pasta salad, and cake for dinner it was very satisfying. After dinner we got our suits on and decided to check out the Jacuzzi it was a little hot, so we trotted across the street to watch the fireworks from the lake.






Overall our trip to Coeur D’Alene was peaceful, relaxing and most importantly fun. I would definitely go back there for a vacation again!
Until next time!