Planning a Euro Trip

We have decided to go to Europe, and now we’re planning it. It’s so crazy to think we’re going to go across the Atlantic a million miles to the UK, France, and Italy. It’s so exciting though!! We leave September 1st for 15 whole days, which will also be the longest either of us has gone on a vacation!! Cheers to new adventures.



Planning this trip has been hectic and crazy since we just jumped at the opportunity to go, because the time was right and we wanted to do it before we have kids! We decided to go through for our travel, hotel rooms, and travel between countries. We used for our excursions and site seeing.

For the UK we bought the London Pass and it includes everything we want to do and transportation except for Buckingham Palace which we went through Viator, and the London Eye.

For Paris we also bought the Paris Pass, this awesome pass actually included everything we want to see and more. The only thing not included was the Eiffel Tower.

For Rome we just used Viator to book all of our excursions.

Overall, the whole trip wasn’t very expensive we thought it would be WAY more, but we found the best deals and planned it out accordingly.

I can’t wait to tell you all how each city was and share all the awesome photos with you!!

Until next time!