C’est La Vie in France!

We visited France right after London, we just hopped on the Euro Rail and jammed over on a 2-hour rail ride through the English Channel. It was so weird to think that we were under water for a bit. During our time in France we saw all the sights in Paris and even got to check out Versailles, there is so much to see and do in Paris. I believe we got most of it covered, but thinking about it now, I doubt it.






The first place we stopped immediately was the Eiffel Tower, or the Tour Eiffel as the French say. We saw on one side a short line and on one side a long line, well we waited in the short line and oh man did we pay for it! We paid to walk all the steps up the Eiffel Tower instead of taking the elevator. It was miserable. I don’t suggest that to anyone ever. It was over 900 steps. At the top of the Eiffel Tower it was beautiful and breathtaking. France is a really gorgeous place especially when we went in early September.








Our next stop the next day was The Louvre Museum. It is everything you think of from the Da Vinci Code and more. It was so historical, and enchanting. The only thing I will say though is that I thought the Mona Lisa was going to be this huge painting and it was like an 8×10 sooooo small, and there were a million people in front of it. You could probably spend a whole day in the Louvre we only spent like 5 hours and honestly we were so done looking at artwork, and we had only made it into two sections.

Touring Europe they have so many pieces of historical art everywhere and if you’re not into that, you can get bored really quick.


















Arc de Triomphe was the next set of stairs I conquered. It was the smallest staircase I have ever been in, so narrow. The view from the top was amazing though. Such a gorgeous location, even with the hustle and bustle of the cars and people below.














We just went and checked out the outside of Notre-Dame the line to get inside since it’s a free attraction was crazy long, it wrapped around the building. Eric thought he was funny trying to be the Hunchback like the Disney Movie.



We randomly decided to check out the Pantheon. I didn’t know much about the place, and I still really don’t. There was more artwork and sculptures here and it was being worked on like everything else in France. There were also some really cool tombs. Check out the images below.











Our last stop was my absolute favorite. I’m a total Marie Antoinette buff I love everything about that period in history, and we got to go to the Palace of Versailles. I also sometimes am guilty of watching KUWTK, and they’ve been there a few times in episodes, so I was really excited to check it out. Some of my photos are missing from Marie’s personal house, I’m going to try to look for my other memory card. I’m hoping I can find it in my house somewhere, but these are the photo I have from there for now!



















































France was my second favorite stop on our EuroTrip. I probably wouldn’t go back to France, but I’m glad I got to experience it!

* Edit: I didn’t mention our hotel, or any good places to eat, because I was pregnant during this trip and so so sick. We literally ate at every American place we could find. I didn’t even try macaroon’s and I’m so upset about it. All I wanted the first few weeks I was pregnant was tacos and Chinese food.

Here are a few random photos from our Big Bus Tour as well!!