When in Rome!

Rome was our final stop on our Euro Trip. Even though we went to Rome, Italy has so much more to offer and I’d love to go back and see the Almafi Coast, and maybe head over to Greece as well.

When we first got to Rome we headed to the Trevi Fountain only to find out that it was under construction. I was so extremely bummed. I cried. After all the movies I had seen with the fountain I was just so upset it was broken. From there we decided to check out the Spanish Steps, which aren’t really all that interesting. It was extremely hot and over crowded… not like what you see in the movies. haha. That’s night I was craving Chinese food so we went to this amazing Chinese restaurant just down the walkway from our hotel. It had 5 stars on Yelp and it was the best Chinese food I think I’ve ever had. I know what you’re thinking.. in Italy and eating Chinese.. eventually you’ll know why I’m eating so weird.

Our next two days we book these excursions through Viator – Excursion 1Excursion 2 . If you’re new to traveling and looking for a safe way to explore Europe Viator is definitely the way to go. I wouldn’t necessarily book this excursions. It was so much walking, in the heat. Which wasn’t very fun. By the time we were this far into our 2 week adventure I just wanted to lay out by the pool in the heat. I even one day searched high and low for a pool, and was wishing I had booked an excursion by the ocean. Oh well I’ll know better for next time.

The Colosseum and Vatican City were both awesome, something everyone should see. The Colosseum is the oldest monument I’ve ever been in, and the Vatican was the weirdest and coolest place I’ve ever been.

Rome was fun. I stayed a lot in the hotel room because I was very sick, and exhausted. Eric ended up going out with his friend on our last night to dinner and got extremely drunk and puked the next morning before our flight home. Which was pretty entertaining for me, and I didn’t feel bad for him. haha.