10 Ways to be a Good Bridesmaid

I decided to write today’s post to share with you some of the ways to be what I consider to be a good bridesmaid! I have witnessed countless of different scenarios that I have shared with you below and how to handle a few situations that you may come across. Just remember when reading that these are my opinions based on my personal experiences, no way is wrong or right on how to handle these situations and as long as you use you’re best judgement I am sure you will do just fine! 
  1. Just go with the flow and do as the bride requests. You’ve been asked to be apart of your friends best day ever, so try to not have a ton of opinions about stuff if she doesn’t ask for them.
  2. Even if the dress is way expensive try to set up a budget to pay the dress off. Some stores require 40% down to order the dress and then they let you pay it off before you get it.
  3. When planning the bachelorette party, work with the other bridesmaids. Make a budget and stick to it. Only do as much as you can all afford. 
  4. Planning a bridal shower should be for the mother of the bride to handle and those who would also like to pitch in. If you can, pitch in, you’ll get brownie points!! 
  5. Try to never complain to the bride or other bridesmaids, it’ll eventually get back to the bride and she will wonder why you’re so upset, and how come at your wedding she did so much for you and you’re not reciprocating, or she’ll remember how unhelpful you were and she’ll possibly act the same way.
  6. Ask the bride if she needs help with anything, getting addresses, finding a photographer, picking the right dress, be available to your bride, she will be forever grateful.
  7. Don’t get super wasted at the bachelorette party. You’re there to let the bride have her last night with her girls, she should be the wasted one, not be the one taking care of you. Unless she notes otherwise the whole thing should be about her.
  8. On the day of the wedding make sure the bride is relaxed and feeling good about the day. She should be stress free!! 
  9. Make sure she’s doesn’t have her phone and people aren’t texting her all day asking for information about the wedding. They should be asking the maid of honor or one of the bridesmaids should be the coordinator. Someone in the group should have a list of the contacts for the hair stylist, the make up artist, the limo people and the photographer. 
  10. If the bride requests for you to get your hair and make up done, it’s not something you can really argue or complain about. A bridal party if the bride requests should look uniform or the way she has envisioned her big day. If she does allow you to choose your hairstyle or makeup choices that amazing, but most of the time she will have it all figured out.
Being in a wedding is not cheap, at least not most of the time. You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 – $1,000 being a bridesmaid. If your friend does ask you to participate remember to make sure you can afford it. The worst thing you can do is say yes and then complain the whole time about how expensive everything is. Being a bridesmaid or a maid of honor in a wedding is just that an honor, your friend picked you out of all her other friends to stand up next to her on her special day. 
From experience on both ends I can honestly say that these are the things I cherished the most out of my bridesmaids, and what I have done for the people’s weddings I have been in or participated in. Having easy going bridesmaids or being an easy bridesmaid has worked out greatly in my favor. Take these tips and roll with them if they work for you. 
I hope you enjoyed reading! Until next time… 


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