Gender Reveal… Boy or Girl?

Originally we had decided on doing a gender reveal party, but we just didn’t have much time to plan anything. So we found this awesome place called Miracle in Progress they had a Groupon available, so we purchased it, and invited our family and our closest friends to find out the big reveal with us. Most of our friends thought that the baby was going to be a girl, and a few thought that the baby was going to be a boy.

It took a while for the ultrasound tech to get a good photo of the babies legs open, to check to see if we were going to have a he or a she. I had to keep making this terrible coughing noise with everyone in the room. Eventually though after about 20-30 minutes this amazing picture came up on the screen and as she started typing everyone went crazy.

I’m a GIRL!!

Everyone kept asking Eric if he was ok. I mean, I’m a girl, so I knew I could handle her being a girl, but Eric’s whole life just changed in a split second. I already force him to go to Disneyland and to watch chic flicks, but now he was going to have to keep going, adding another little princess to the pack. It was funny to watch him sweat for a minute. His mother on the other hand was sooo excited that the baby was a girl, she had two boys and had always hoped for a girl. It was cute to see how excited she was.

The funny thing about the whole situation is that we only had a girl name picked out, we never could decide on a boy name. So I guess in the grand scheme of things having a girl was really just meant to be from the beginning.

Our daughters name is Charlotte Rose. We can’t wait to meet her next May!