Charlotte’s Birth Story

Giving birth to Charlotte was one of the most crazy, scary, rewarding and amazing experience I have ever gone through. She was so comfy inside of me at 40 weeks and 3 days that I don’t think she would of came out for a few more weeks. I was way ready to meet her though. At my appointment with my midwife Charlene I asked her what I could do to get this baby to come since I was still only dilated to 1cm.

Now I originally had this crazy birth plan, and that I would wait 2 weeks to induce and that I didn’t want any drugs and I wanted to labor in water, and some people can tough it out and go along with their plan, but for me at 5 foot nothing after gaining 30 lbs, I just couldn’t take anymore, and I had no intentions of wanting to get wet anymore or anything else. I just wanted to meet my baby girl and get this show on the road.

Charlene suggested I try getting a foley balloon, and so at about 3pm she inserted the balloon and I immediately started having contractions. I told her and her MA and Eric that I had never felt a contraction like this before and I’m definitely going to need drugs later. haha. So after they insert the balloon she sent me home to get ready for midnight my induction time. When you get the balloon you’re actually allowed to do whatever you want shower, bathe, eat, sleep, whatever. We went and got some food and ate dinner and then I just paced around I just kept having the strongest contractions, which was good because that meant it was working. At about 9pm Eric suggested we lay down and try to sleep for a little bit, but I just couldn’t I was in so much pain. Then at 10:30 I told him I had had enough my contraction were two minutes apart and I was crying I was in so much pain. The balloon hadn’t fallen out yet, so I was worried I wasn’t dilated to a 4 yet. We then packed everything up and headed to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital we were told by the front desk at Labor and Delivery that if I was admitted now it would cost a whole extra day, so they had me wait until midnight in the waiting room to admit me to hospital. Once I was admitted they checked me and I was actually dilated to 6cm. The balloon really worked and I was really in labor. I told them I wanted an epidural immediately I was done being in pain and I was exhausted and wanted to get some sleep if I could. Within the hour I was dilated to an 8cm, and I still hadn’t gotten an epidural. The anesthesiologist at the hospital was busy on a C-Section, so they had to call in the On call doctor and he had to wake up at like 2am to come give me my epidural. We were all worried that I would go to a 10 fast and then I wouldn’t get it. Which was my plan originally so I wasn’t too upset about that situation.

Let me just say that epidural’s are scary but they are so freaking awesome. Mine worked amazingly, and it made me laugh. I’ve never been in the hospital before for anything so this experience was a first for me. Once I did get an epidural my labor stopped just like everything I read said it would, and then they had to start Pitocin which sucked. I stayed on Pitcoin until 11am when I was finally ready to push. Charlene came and we started to push, and then she goes, “Are you pushing?” and I was like “Yes obviously I’m trying to push” and she goes, “No you’re not, I think you’re too numb, you’re going to have to push way harder than this, why don’t you labor down some more and let the anesthesia wear off a bit.” So I slept for about 2 hours and started to feel everything again, and man was I ready to push. Charlene was in a meeting they had to call her out of and when she got there we immediately started pushing.

Pushing a baby out of you, is some hard work! They’re not joking when they say it takes a lot out of you. I pushed extremely hard for less than 30 minutes and Charlotte had made her arrival. 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches long of pure beauty. She arrived at 2:12pm, and it was the most riveting thing I’ve ever been apart of. So many emotions all in one.

The only thing I regret out of everything is not taking more pictures and documenting the moments. Eric and I’s first picture with Charlotte were ones we took at home, and then the newborn photos we got taken a few days later. I wish we would of taken one in Labor and Delivery right after she was born, but it was crazy day.