Shop Small Sunday

I am currently obsessed with small businesses, and their super cute clothes for both moms and babies! Every time I find a company I like on Instagram I find another. My husband gives me a weekly allowance to buy new stuff for Charlotte and I, and I always spend about 3 hours trying to pick a place to buy something from. There are so many small business shops. Lots of Stay At Home Moms trying to support their families or just get a little extra cash to spoil them. I have a serious shopping addiction now that I have a baby, and there is no other way I’d rather spend my money than shopping a small business and supporting another SAHM like myself.

In the photos above I am wearing a “Raise Good Humans” tank top by WeeStructed and Charlotte is wearing a “Rollin with the homies” onesie by SlyFox Threads and a Notes&Knots headband bow. The material and sizing for both items are spot on. I love both and we have worn both items on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for Charlotte this will probably be the last time she’s able to wear this onesie because she’s growing so fast!!

I picked my tank top for myself because there is no greater time to raise good humans like there is today, and plus it’s so cute. I found Charlotte’s onesie through Instagram and it reminded me of the movie Clueless so I had to get it!! I also bought one for one of my friends baby showers as a gift.

Find a small business to shop this Sunday. You’ll be surprised how amazing the customer service and the product is.

Pictured Items:
Jessica’s Tank Top – WeeStructed
Charlotte’s Onesie – SlyFox Threads
Charlotte’s Headband Bow – Notes&Knots

A beautiful outtake from today from my wonderful husband! We’re currently working on his photography skills!! ❤