Have you heard about the product Thrive?

Eric and I ordered Thrive on 9/3/2016. It has been a month of testing it out and seeing if it really does make you “THRIVE.” Thrive is a three step product that gives you long lasting energy throughout the day, helps with weight management, headache relief, joint/immune/digestive support, and mental clarity. There is two pills you take in the morning along with a DFT patch you place on your skin, and  a shake you mix and drink. It’s a very simple product that even as a new mom I can accomplish.

When I first had Charlotte I lost all my baby weight very quickly thanks to breastfeeding, but I was extremely exhausted and lazy. I just wanted to lay in bed with her all day and cuddle, even though I needed to get stuff done around the house and be a normal human being in society. I don’t drink coffee normally just because it hurts my stomach and makes me jittery, I’m usually just a tea drinker, tea has a very minimal amount of caffeine in it. I’m super sensitive to caffeine, if I have a large pop from a restaurant I can literally stay up for 24 hours. I don’t ever drink energy drinks because it’s even worse when it happens. My whole family literally has a joke that I’m not allowed to have soda or coffee on a road trip, because I will literally not shut up for the whole trip. haha. I also refuse to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for headaches, because I know my body needs water. I just try to be as healthy as possible also because I’m breastfeeding.

I was totally on the fence for taking this product from the beginning because I needed to look into more and like I said I don’t normally like to put stuff into my body that I don’t know about. Well Thrive is completely non GMO it’s basically a huge multivitamin. Right from their website it states that ‘Thrive is a premium grade naturopathic formula of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-Oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids.” I know that so far it really has worked. Eric has lost almost 10lbs and I’ve only lost 2, but I stopped taking it two weeks in because I was skeptical as everyone else and I wanted to see if it really worked. Once I stopped taking it I didn’t crash or gain a bunch of weight back like most products. I literally just got sleepy and lazy again. Taking Thrive has made a huge difference in my life so far. When I wake up in the morning I take it and feel refreshed and ready to go for the day. At night time instead of spending hours playing on my phone trying to fall asleep I doze right off, and sleep soundly, unless Charlie needs some momma milk then I wake right up and feed her and then fall right back asleep soundly. I get more stuff done around the house and I’m not lazy. For a new momma this has helped me feel normal again and has helped me be more productive. If you don’t believe me take the 8 week challenge, I’m only on week four technically and I’m still loving it. I’m not a promoter yet, and I don’t know if I have the time it takes to promote the product, but I love it and I think everyone should give it a shot if they can! If you have 2 people sign up for auto-ship under you, you get yours free, and that’s without even becoming a promoter. I know if you love it, your friends will love it too!

Click this link below to purchase the product and read more about it!