ABC Kids Expo Favorite Finds Round Up!

You guys! Remember that one time I went to the ABC Kids Expo and then never wrote about it?  I’m so way behind on posting! The Expo was back in October of last year?!?!! So many good things came from the Expo! I met a ton of amazing people. This small shop in Georgia named Shop Happy Mango sponsored me to go, I helped them find some new amazing products for their shop and helped talk to some people I’ve been recently working with!

I decided to wear my Boob Design shirts to the expo because they’re extremely easy to breastfeed in and they’re the softest shirts I’ve ever owned. I wish they had a non maternity/breastfeeding line so I could keep buying them once I’m done nursing Charlotte.

The first place we saw was So Good baby food! Charlotte had just started solids and she is in love with their food. We only got to try some and take some home, but you can find them online here and at some local target stores! Their product is 100% organic and is soooo yummy. I even loved it!

I also got into contact with the CEO from Hevea Planet! They have the best teethers and pacifiers ever! I’m in love with their product and after the past few months I can still say how amazing their products are charlotte loves them and uses them on the daily.

Another great company I have worked with recently is Mello & Co NawGum teether! If you follow me on Instagram then you saw a few months back that I did a giveaway with them! Charlotte was teething incredibly bad when we were at the Expo, which made it a little hard to go talk to shops and hang out and meet new people. This teether helped us survive! It was and still is an amazing product!

Softsie clothing company sent us the most perfect onesie/sleeper. It is so soft and cute! After 4 months and endless washes it is still in perfect condition and hasn’t shrank at all! I usually just buy Carters nighty’s because Charlotte was growing like a weed but now that she’s crawling as is topping off on her weight I think she’s finally going to stay in her same size for a while! I’ll definitely be investing in some of these PJ’s because they’re way good quality!

My Ergo saved me during the times Charlotte didn’t want to sit in her stroller anymore. She rarely napped while we were at the expo. She was just way too excited to see all the lights and everything. I also learned that I was wearing it wrong. I had an Ergo representative put my Ergo on me the right way, and the amount of pressure that was relieved from my back was out of this world!

OMG! You guys I got to meet Carmen the Modern Mom. She is my ultimate mom crush! If you don’t follow her already on Instagram you’re missing out!

Spunky Stork sent us a cute dress and a cute romper! They’re clothing is organic and so soft and so adorable! I absolutely love rompers on Charlotte I’m sure she’ll be wearing them most of summer along with her Bikini!


Relaxing in the car after a long day at the expo!!

I will have a future review of this Nested Bean sleep sack. It didn’t really work for us, but I can see how for some people it would work wonders!

Some other goodies I saw at the expo! Links listed below!


One day folks I will be able to afford this amazing high chair! The Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair is literally my dream to have at my house. Honestly I would love to have them all around my table. I just wish they were in a more reasonable price range for me! If I ever need to replace my kitchen chairs I will be investing in these. I LOVE them. The quality is beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed before! Plus they grow with your child, and an adult can sit on them too! I mean it’s amazing!

I ended up with a new Clek Foonf car seat for Charlotte I got it at the Expo, not for free, but it was a good deal. I ended up picking the Clek car seat because of it’s great reviews and all it’s stats. You can rear face up to 50lbs and forward face up to 65lbs. I was more worried about the weight limit on rear facing because I want to rear face Charlotte well after she’s 2 years old. From different research I’ve personally done I just think that will be best for us, and keeping her safe incase of an accident.

I used my Native wilds nursing cover the whole time I was there. It’s amazing! It’s such an
empowering product, and Charlotte loves it silky softness and rubs it while she nurses it’s the cutest! It has been in my diaper bag from the very first time I used it. I definitely recommend nursing mothers to grab on of these!

Litte Prana has the BEST Bum Butter ever! I am absolutely so happy with this product!!!!

Charlotte is chomping on a Nibbly bits teething necklace, and the cute little hat is from The Blueberry Hill.

The last day I was there Sarah went with me and we just walked around and talked with shops. The last day of any convention people are giving stuff out like it’s candy! Literally! It’s amazing and insane at the same time. Sarah hated her previous stroller and this lady was in the elevator with us, well she happened to work for Britax and she gave Sarah a brand new double stroller for free! It was so amazing!!!! She received this stroller for free!

I have so many more small shops I got into contact with that you will see featured on this blog by me and Sarah in the next few months and we just can’t wait to share them all with you guys!


Here is a list of companies we spoke with and will hopefully be working with in the future or have already worked with.
These are some great quality brands, and products!


Baby + Mama Products
Clothing + Accessories


*PS Sorry this took forever and a day! Mom Life!*