Pasadena,CA Trip – Westin Hotel


You guys! We love Pasadena, CA every time we come to see a Dodger baseball game we always try to stay in Pasadena. This Westin Hotel in Pasadena though has got to be my most favorite of them all! They have the cutest area to walk around. With a bunch of gorgeous tile walls and cute little ponds. We even had breakfast at our hotel this morning and it was so yummy. The staff has been so sweet to us, and so accommodating. I would definitely rate this hotel 5 stars! I love that we can walk everywhere too. Theres a cute little mall right by the hotel with a ton of food options and some shops. We even got to see the Easter Bunny. I was worried that we weren’t going to get a photo with one for Charlotte’s first easter, but I was so wrong! She did so good!

Charlotte’s Outfit
Dress – ShopMama.Little
Shoes – Freshly Picked

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