Happy First Birthday Charlotte!

Dear Charlotte Rose,

I know I only ever call you that when you’re in trouble, but for today I want to call you by your birth name. Today is your first birthday and I’ve never ever had so many mixed emotions like this before. I’m happy and sad and mad all at the same time. Happy that it’s your very first birthday and so proud that me and your dad didn’t completely ruin you yet. Sad that it’s your first birthday and this time has come and gone so fast. I’m mad because you need to stop growing up, stay a little kid for forever please!
A year ago today you came into this world on your terms you stayed inside me for an extra few days longer than I expected and then within only 30 minutes of pushing you were out and ready to party. Hearing your cries for the first time and knowing that you had 10 fingers and 10 toes is still a memory I’ll never forget. I loved you so much then Charlie and I love you a million times more now.
This past year you have learned so much and grown so fast. Your first word was Dada, then ball, then Mama (best word you know) and now you know a whole slew of them; hi, bye, dog, cat, fish, shh, rawr, baba, and the list continues. You did everything so early you started siting up unassisted at 5 months, crawling at 6 months, walking at 9 months, and now you’re just everywhere! I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished this year. I love that you think every animal is a dog unless it’s a cat. I love the way you dance when your favorite songs come on (can’t stop the feeling – Justin Timberlake & Body like a back road – Sam Hunt) I love that you know what daddies ringtone is on my phone and you get excited when he calls. I love that you love to FaceTime people and say Hi! & then hit the red button and say bye! You’re just so smart and sassy and I love every bit of it. I love how much you love animals and how you give the dogs hugs. I’m betting you’ll be a vet one day!
We took you to California a few times this past year you went to San Diego, Coronado, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles and Anaheim! Disneyland was by far my most favorite trip with you! You love saying hi to people and playing with your bubble maker. Some rides you enjoyed more than others. You loved the tea cups which surprised me and you loved the jungle cruise with all the animals. I can’t wait to take you back one day! We’re off to Washington next which will be a first for both of us and I’m so excited to take you to the Zoo!
Today also marks a full year of nursing you, which as a momma who was determined to make this happen I’m so glad it panned out. I love the special bond that we have created together. I love that I can still nourish you on the outside of my body as I did when you were in the inside. I’m sad that soon this journey will come to an end but I’m glad I got to give you all the extra goodness that you needed, and I’m so happy that I got to keep you extra chubby until you started walking!
Thank you for being an amazing eater and loving food too! You’ve been such a trooper at trying new things and I can’t think of anything you really hate. Your first food was carrots, and you still love them! Your favorite foods right now are blueberries, string cheese, cucumbers, any type of meat and potatoes, noodles with any sauce… ok basically you love everything. You only ever cry when you’re hungry or tired.
Charlotte, you make me and daddy the proudest parents in the world. We love how you love to snuggle all the time, how happy you are to see us everyday. You are so kind, beautiful, and smart. We only want the best for you in this life. We will always protect you and keep you safe.
Mostly though Charlotte I’m most thankful for you and for you picking us to be your parents, for me to be your momma. This year has been full of firsts for both of us. Some scary times, and tough times, but mostly happy and exciting times. We love you so much. Never stop being you! I hope you have the best birthday!
Love you to infinity and beyond,
Your Mama
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