DIY – Painting Our Cabinets White Using Rust-Oleum Transformations

As most of you know if you follow me on Instagram that we have been gearing up to sell our home. Well actually it was listed at midnight last night. We decided with our realtor a few weeks ago that if we just painted our cabinets white, it would give our home a much more updated look.

We already re-tiled our floor with this amazing wood tile, we have black granite counter and black appliances. So in all reality white cabinets was our last step. We researched for a few days on Pinterest and decided to go with Rust-Oleum Transformations. We chose pure white for the cabinet color. Rust-Oleum’s package includes a Deglosser, a Bond coat, and a protective coat. We chose this 3 simple step process because not only was the price right but we didn’t have to sand anything down. Now having a one year old and getting this accomplished took a bit longer than we anticipated. We worked on it for about 3 weeks, but if we had a sitter for a few days it would of taken maybe 3 days total.

Our cabinets as you can see below were just a light camel color.


We started by making a design of our kitchen and labeling all the cabinet with painters tape.


When we were done we took off all the doors and put the hinges and screws in plastic baggies with their same number.


The deglosser was simple but kinda time consuming you just rub it on and then clean it off with a wet rag, and then dry it.

Afterwards we started painting. Eric took on the cabinets and I took on the inside.


We did 2 layers of paint and decided maybe we should do just one more.

That was the most consuming part, painting the white and making sure it looked good. I love painting and even I felt a little paint crazy afterwards. I felt confident after 3 layers though that everything was fully covered. Even though we aren’t keeping our home, I wanted the new people moving in to feel like they had nice new white cabinets.

We decided before adding the protective coats on the doors all the way that we would seal everything inside and then add the doors and seal them. With a one year old this was the best choice for us. It allowed us to take our time sealing the cabinets and not have our child in the cabinets taking everything out everyday.


Overall our experience using Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations was a breeze I would definetly reccomend this project to someone looking to DIY their cabinets and go for an updated look. Even the most novice DIYer could handle this task! Just follow the directions!

Here’s our new kitchen.