Our Breastfeeding Journey – International Breastfeeding Week

Our breastfeeding journey started on May 13, 2016 after 22 hours of labor. Charlotte came into the world on her own time but quickly latched right after thanks to the male (yup I said it) nurse in our L&D Room, he was super helpful and helped get her to latch immediately. We transitioned to our postpartum room, and that’s when things went a little south. It was extremely hard to get Charlotte to nurse on my own, and I was always pushing the little button in our room to ask for help. The first night her nursing was a hit or miss and one of the nurses said, “just give her a pacifier and get some rest.” “We’ll wake you when she’s hungry.” Well folks worst advice ever, because the next morning my child wouldn’t latch at all and it was miserable.

The lactation consultant was having me squeeze my colostrum out of my breasts so I could spoon feed my daughter my milk. I didn’t have a pump with me at the hospital, and to say I felt defeated was an understatement. I wanted nothing more than to breastfeed, and wasn’t able to. We got home and another day went by where I was in tears trying to get her to latch and to squeeze my milk out. One of my friends suggested supplementing until my milk came fully in but I would have to pump probably to get it to come in quicker since she wouldn’t be nursing as much. So we headed out to the store got formula (yup you heard me) and supplemented while I pumped and let me tell you, my child stopped screaming, she started sleeping, and I stopped crying. My milk slowly came in and I started to attempt nursing again and with a nipple shield she latched perfect, we slowly got to take formula away and by day 6 my milk had fully came in and I was producing enough milk so that we didn’t have to supplement anymore. It wasn’t until one very very hazy night 2 weeks in that I ditched the shield and she latched normally. Breastfeeding through the first year has been hard and easy, especially going through growth spurts, all the leaking, trying to reintroduce a bottle (which she took but not very well), and all the pumping (haha). We have been breastfeeding now for almost 15 months, and it has truly been the best journey. Charlotte and I have a bond like no other. Everyone’s journey is different, and if you’re on one my best advice is just to push through and not give up!

& always remember #fedisbest no matter what!