Goodbye 6841

Well guys we sold our house! We have a potential closing date of September 15 as long as everything stays on track! Our house was on the market for a total of 28 days before we accepted an offer. We showed our house 25 times with 2 open houses.

It was a long month toting around Charlotte, Duke, & Shelby every time we had a showing. Extremely stressful, but in the end totally worth it. We got what we wanted for our house, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. With that being said I also have some other big news which if you follow along with me on Instagram I’ve already announced, but WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. A fixer upper with a big backyard, and room to grow. I am beyond myself with excitement. It’s going to be our forever home until we retire, and I’m SOOOO HAPPY!

We had some pictures taken in our current home and had a small video made to commemorate all the milestones that have happened here.

For a little back history in April of 2009 Eric bought this house. He was single, just got a new promising job, and very grown up for being 20 years old. Flash forward to a few roommates later and the addition of a puppy in December 2011 aka Shelby. Eric asked me to move in, in February of 2012. November 2013 we adopted Duke, and on January 1, 2014 we got engaged and married November 15, 2014. Fall of 2015 I got pregnant and in May of 2016 we had a sweet baby girl, otherwise known as Charlie. This house is the house that we grew into adults in, the house we fell in love in, the home we planned a wedding and got married in, and most importantly this is where we conceived a child and brought her home. This house is so much more than four walls to us, and as much as I will miss it, I am so excited for our future in our forever home.

I can’t wait to show you guys all the photos of the new house, and how we plan to fix it up! For now enjoy some of our family photos we took here at 6841 and our sweet video made by Hailey Nicole Photo & Film.

Picture album below

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My Dress Courtesy Of – Pinkblush

Charlotte’s Dress Courtesy Of – Oaks and Honey

Eric’s Outfit – Shirt Shorts