Kitchen Renovation – Part 1 – Pricing

There are so many things that go into planning a full kitchen remodel. Way more than I originally anticipated. Honestly moving into a new home that is essentially a fixer upper is way more intense than I originally thought as well (especially when you’re not Chip and Joanna Gaines). I mean there are just so many moving parts that happen each and every day it’s so overwhelming! My husband and I decided to rip out the whole kitchen and put in a new one, after realizing that the previous kitchen cabinets weren’t worth refinishing. They were 16 years old, and just gross, not well taken care of at all. We pretty much knew this was going to happen when we bought the house, so we used the money from our house sale to fund this project, with the intentions of getting the house reappraised with the upgrades later in 2018 to raise the home value.

I made a layout of the kitchen on a piece of paper to give to the man from Ikea so he could draw out a professional layout of the kitchen. That was $200 for a consultation, he was at my house for 4 hours, measuring and making sure it was everything I wanted all the way down to the handles and mini lights when you open the drawers.

My original design below vs the professional one haha (it’s comical you can laugh)



We looked into Ikea originally and were given a $7,600 Price for Cabinets, handles, and lighting and then $3,500 for installation, but that only included them putting in the cabinets, that didn’t include demolition, countertops, backsplash, appliances… you get the picture, it only included the bare minimum. We then saw that Lowes was having a killer deal and wanted to see what they would quote us. They quoted us $11k and then $2,600 for labor, once again not including moving plumbing or handles or anything like that. Eric works construction so we started to try to think if he knew anyone that could do cabinets, or knew someone who could! We stumbled upon Jose and it was just about the best thing that could happen to us.

Pricing breakdown below;

  • Jose’s price for cabinets was around $7,000
  • His demolition and installation was around $3,500
  • To move the sink & install new one – Plumbing cost us $900
  • Lighting & Electrical cost us a little bit more than $1,000
  • Taking down the wall cost us $1,500
  • The Tile cost & installation was $2,000
    • We purchased our tile through Home Depot here, our old house had this tile, which we loved so we just chose a different color this time around.
  • Our kitchen sink, shelf, and hood was from Wayfair for about $700.
  • Our pendant lighting over the island and the kitchen table was $500 also from Wayfair.
  • Our backsplash and installation together cost $800
  • Granite is what we ended up choosing and bought at Marble Express we needed 2 slabs for our large island which ended up costing us $2,500 – Installation was $1,500 because Eric knew someone who could install it for us.

Total Cost was around $22,000

I say around a lot because so many things ended up costing just a little bit more because of things we ran into, but the cost really was just about that.

We could of saved thousands by doing things by ourselves, but with a small child and two dogs, and Eric working full time, plus over time during this process it would of taken us probably 6 months instead of one month.

This kitchen like I said had a lot of moving parts. The before and after of the kitchen is pretty crazy! We literally started over fresh, and I love every bit of it! We’re really excited to show you more of the start to finish, a ton of photos of demolition & where my kitchen inspiration came from in part 2!