Not the Cutest Easter Rice Krispies

I started this mommy and me cooking project out with so much hope and excitement. Don’t get me wrong the Rice Krispies are amazing and the cute little bunny cut outs are so fun, just the coloring of the Rice Krispies are a little questionable, and not very Eastery. I mean I guess I never claimed to be a professional chef.


Anyways here the low down on making these awesome treats. I took the butter and did 3 tbsp heating over low until melted and then I took 3 cups of marshmallows and added them over the heat and turned the heat up to medium to help the marshmallows dissolve and not be lumpy. Once it was good we added the food coloring. This is where it went wrong the first batch we did I didn’t use enough purple food coloring, and it basically just kept the Rice Krispies the same color they normally are. The next layer we did blue and that came out really pretty, but really blue. I decided to do purple again next and used a ton of purple and it finally worked and was really pretty I was feeling so good about it all. Then we decided (aka charlotte) that she wanted to do red next, which I was okay with because I could make it pink! Unfortunately pink just wasn’t an option, so we got a very not so pretty batch of Rice Krispies. Eric loved them and so does Charlotte so it wasn’t a complete loss. & For my first time cooking with Charlotte things went fairly well. I’m hoping to continue baking with her because I feel like it’s such a special quality for a mother and daughter to share.

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Per layer (we did 4)

3 tbsp. of stick butter (we did salted)

3 Cups of Rice Krispies

3 Cups of Marshmallows



Heat butter in a small saucepan till melted add marshmallows slowly to saucepan with butter. Whisk/stir with a non stick spatula until marshmallows are no longer lumpy and you have a smooth we will call it sauce. Remove from heat and then add food coloring, add food coloring slow, in order for the food coloring to stick to the Rice Krispies it needs to be a pretty dominate and vibrant color (aka pastels probably isn’t going to happen). Add your 3 cups of Rice Krispies to your bowl (we used our kitchen aide mixer). After you mix your coloring in add your Marshmallow mix to your Rice Krispie and stir to combine (we stirred on level two). I then put mine into a 13×9 baking dish to harden, layer ontop of layer. Once I finished the last layer I used a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes of the Rice Krispies.