Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt Smoothie!



From Happy Families food pouches, to their puffs, and their teethers I haven’t found a product from them I dislike. We decided to try out their new Happy Tot Yogurt and it was delicious and very creamy (yes of course I tried it first). The great thing about this brand of Yogurt from other brands is that it is made with no added sweeteners! Which is amazing in my book and apparently really hard to come by!

Whether you get the baby version which is just whole milk yogurt or the one with fruit for tots you can rest assured that it is whole milk yogurt with vitamin D, it is mindfully made with probiotics to support good digestive health, is non-GMO and it’s USDA Organic. Which checks off all my lists of requests, especially no extra sugar because my toddler doesn’t need any more! Here is the packaging and back of the box for our Happy Tot Yogurt.


Charlotte’s not a fan of yogurt straight out of the cup so we chose to make a yummy fruit smoothie out of it! She loves smoothies and it’s honestly how I sneak a lot of good nutritional things into her diet! I decided to let her help me make the smoothie, I know what you’re thinking another mommy and me cooking epic fail, but not this time! We’re pros at breakfast smoothies!


For our Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt smoothie we used;

1 full cup of the Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt

4 strawberries

Half a banana

Splash of orange juice

1 Cup of ice

Blended for about 1 minute and enjoyed the goodness!

If you’re looking to grab yourself some Happy Tot Yogurt you can get it at most grocery stores & our favorite store Target!

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