A Walk in the Park – Floyd Lamb Park

Every time we go to this park it is a new adventure of fun! I have personally taken so many peoples photos here and this spot is just beautiful all year long. A few really fun things that Floyd lamb has for kids is Horseback riding, feeding bunnies, going fishing, and every kids favorite thing running.. so much room to run. One thing you should never do though is feed the dang geese those things are so rude and will for sure bite you. If you’re just traveling to see Las Vegas this park is a must see. After some research I found out that this park is over 2000 acres and the lake in the middle formed a small oasis in the Mojave desert many many years ago. The ranch dates back to 1905 some of the buildings are a historic site they were going to be used for a divorce ranch but that never happened. This place is unlike all the other places in Vegas, its a great place to take kids while you’re here on vacation, to get them out of the yucky casinos and off the strip!

Here are some photos of our times there throughout the years with Charlotte.

(I will always keep updating this post with photos during the changing seasons)

6 month photos for Charlotte taken in November


A quick shot in December after a photoshoot I did thereDSC_0350

These were taken by Create Photography in DecemberXS2A8272_edited-1eXS2A7589 (1)XS2A7814_edited-1eXS2A8152_edited-1eXS2A8196_edited-1e

Fun hot summer day in August – Pictures off iPhone 7 PlusIMG_1318IMG_1313IMG_1311IMG_1310

A darling day riding horses in May – Horse rides are $5 usuallyIMG_3694IMG_3695

Feeding Bunnies in September