DIY Shiplap Wall

Hey there! I meant to write this post about a week ago, but with a little one things tend to get put on the back burner! So sorry!

We decided to close up the wall to this room when we first moved in. (I’ll add picture below of what this room used to look like) The house was built with french doors on each side of this room and one side led to our master bedroom. We weren’t big fans of people being able to see in our room from the Nevada room (all season room) so we enclosed it. When Eric enclosed it he didn’t use thick enough drywall so where the 2x was it was beveled out and uneven. Needless to say it was an eye sore, so I knew I wanted to do something to make the wall look prettier on both the NV Room side and our Master bedroom side. I decided shiplap was a must for the NV Room!





DIY Shiplap Wall:

Tools Used:

Products Used:

  • 1 Gallon Sherwin Williams – Alabaster White
  • 5 1/2in Particleboard/Plywood Boards (Shiplap)
  • 3 1×6 Pine Boards (baseboard)
  • 20 – 5 cent coins
  • Wood Filler
  • Caulk

I did so much research on Pinterest and IG for shiplap, like 2 months worth of trying to decide what would be the right type of wood to use. We ended up going with Particleboard 1/2in thick. We had Lowes cut them in 6 in strips we started with 2 boards and it was a good thing because the Lowes employee cut them all crazy and they were not even, which was disappointing. NOTE: Check your boards on both ends to make sure the board is actually 6 inches on both ends. We didn’t and we have some weird spots on the wall, hopefully I’ll be able to disguise them one day with a shelf or something. The next time around we made sure they were even before we left. We ended up needing 5 boards total for our wall. Our wall is 14ft x 8ft/diagonal tip 12ft. So a very large and long wall weird wall.


The very first step I read from numerous websites was to paint the wall first so that when you add your 5 cent gaps all the coloring will be the same.


We chose to find our studs in the wall with a stud finder and a really cool blue Chalk Reel. When we marked all our lines from top to bottom and across all the way down we knew where we could nail in the boards. Some people chose to just use hard as nails glue and glue the boards to the wall, but I just didn’t really like the idea of having to make sure the boards didn’t slide and didn’t stay level. So we went with the nail gun in the studs option. We did the same 4 cuts over and over again which made things really easy for us, once we had the pattern down we knew exactly what to do.


For our design we did;

  • 8ft, 6ft
  • 2ft, 8ft, 4ft
  • 6ft, 8ft
  • 4ft, 8ft, 2ft


We just repeated this design all the way up the top. It kept things extra simple. We also did all of our cuts using a jig saw, it was super nice to use to around the outlets. For our horizontal cuts, which if you watched my IG Stories you know we saved that whole situation for the end. haha. One piece took me two hours, it was crazy hard to hold a jig saw that steady and straight for 6ft. We used construction paper to mark our horizontal lines since we didn’t really have any kind of long enough protractor or anything. We worked with what we had which is the best part of DIYing and not being a professional haha.



Once we finished up the wall we added the new baseboards, which are 1×6 pine boards. I love the height and the simplicity of it, and I cannot wait to put it in the whole house. After the baseboards were in I painted it alabaster white (thanks Joanna Gaines), and then I caulked everything, which really helped with the horizontal line up top and gave it all a nice finished look.


I love this new statement wall so much, and already have a few other spaces I’d love to add some more shiplap too. Just know that as an amateur DIYer this was one of the more easier projects we’ve done. I mean I’m still not done with the church pew I’ve had for over a year. This project took us 3 long days but it was every bit worth it!


I cannot wait to finish this room up one day! I want to paint the tile and use this room as an indoor outdoor patio for us! Here’s my inspiration board. I’ll throw a blog post up one day when we’re getting ready to make some purchases for it.


Tell me below in the comments what some of your DIY projects you’d love to do in your house one day?