Hi! I’m Jessica, the mom and wife behind Tangled in Andereggs.


Eric and I were married in November of 2014.


& we then welcomed our daughter Charlotte in May 2016


Here are some interesting facts about me/our family;

Eric and I have both lived in Vegas our whole life. We’re Battle Born kids, and we really do love this town, with all the bad, and all the way good! We just got a hockey team #goknights & we just got the NFL Raiders to move to Vegas! Vegas is growing in so many ways and is so much more than just the party town it’s known for.

Eric and I met in high school (2003), and didn’t start dating until we were 21 (2011). He proposed to me at the Mirage hotel on New years day with a full real life dolphin entourage. On our wedding day he told me that he had, had a crush on me since the first time he saw me. So cute, Right? I’m one lucky girl because he is the best!


I used to be a professional photographer. I secretly still love taking photos every now and then for family and friends. Here is a link to some of my favorite images.

Link Here

Before I stumbled unto Photography I actually used to work as a phlebotomist. I went to school originally to become a nurse, but things changed and I decided drawing blood was something I really liked to do with out taking all the biology classes. My family all called me a vampire for awhile. Which was okay because that’s when Twilight was popular.

I am a massive Disney fan. I love all things Disney, Disneyland, Disney World. Eric actually had never seen very many Disney movies growing up (I know what a crime right?) so when we had Charlotte I told him he had to get with the program, and now he really likes some of the movies. Charlotte loves Toy Story thanks to Eric! We try to go to Disneyland/world at least once a year.

I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte the day before our 2 week vacation abroad. It was a little miserable being 8-10 weeks pregnant in Europe, but it was totally worth all the morning and evening nausea! I also didn’t eat pizza in Italy. A crime right? I was craving tacos and Chinese food the whole trip. Actually through most of my pregnancy I craved tacos/Mexican food and now I can say without a doubt that Charlotte’s favorite kind of food is Mexican food. She lives for trader joes chips and guacamole!

I have a serious love for British people and for all things royal history. Like I think I’ve seen every documentary and movie about Royals to date. Going to London was legit one of the highlights of my life, along with the Palace of Versailles, because Marie Antoinette is a goddess really… “Let them eat cake!” Besides loving British people I really love tv shows. I have seen so many, a few favorites are One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Lost, PLL, Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Puppy Dog Pals, Vamparina… oh I think I got lost there for a second. haha I really do love Vamparina, probably because it’s like a kids version of all the Vampire shows I miss like Vampire Diaries, and Originals.

Ever since having Charlotte I have become small shop, hot trends, baby everything obsessed. I think that’s just my love for shopping small and local and loving cute girl clothes. #instamomstatus

Also I just started learning how to sew, and I’m trying to learn how to make hair bows. It’s been an interesting journey so far.

Eric and I just bought our forever home here in Vegas we’re remodeling the whole thing and adding our own touches to it! We’re DIY newbies and I’m really loving every bit of it!

I hope you love checking out our journey and being Tangled in Andereggs with us on this ride! Subscribe and follow along in the fun!

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