Our Breastfeeding Journey – International Breastfeeding Week

Our breastfeeding journey started on May 13, 2016 after 22 hours of labor. Charlotte came into the world on her own time but quickly latched right after thanks to the male (yup I said it) nurse in our L&D Room, he was super helpful and helped get her to latch immediately. We transitioned to our postpartum room, and that’s when things went a little south. It was extremely hard to get Charlotte to nurse on my own, and I was always pushing the little button in our room to ask for help. The first night her nursing was a hit or miss and one of the nurses said, “just give her a pacifier and get some rest.” “We’ll wake you when she’s hungry.” Well folks worst advice ever, because the next morning my child wouldn’t latch at all and it was miserable.
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Breastfeeding Week – Our Story


In honor of breastfeeding week, I’d like to share our breastfeeding story! 
Breastfeeding has got to be one of the hardest and rewarding things I’ve done since becoming a mom. Feeding Charlotte what my body naturally provides her has been so amazing though. At first it was a challenge, I did so well the first few hours after having her and then at night time I gave her a pacifier and then she wouldn’t latch on again it was terrible. Eric was trying to help me compress the colostrum out and it just wasn’t working, lots of tears were shed. I didn’t want Charlotte to starve so I start supplementing and pumping to get my milk to come in faster. Pumping sucks! It’s hard on your nipples and it’s just honestly not natural. Once my milk came in I used a nipple shield for about a week and then one night at like 2am I couldn’t find the shield anywhere and so I just said the hell with it and just went for it without the shield and she latched on, and it was the best feeling ever (so I knew she was latched on right). From that day forward it’s been a breeze. I love watching Charlotte grow and get bigger and stronger just from me feeding her. This whole process also helps me watch what I eat, because what I eat she eats essentially. I’m also really nervous about not eating enough, I sometimes though feel like a garbage disposal. Haha.
I was told to give breastfeeding at least 3 weeks before quitting and I pushed through and made it possible. It made me so happy! So if you’re feeling like giving up just give it three hard weeks before you do! Also create a group of girls that you feel comfortable talking to about breastfeeding. My friends really helped me get through the 3 weeks, and even now I still reach out to them for support sometimes! 

I’m not too advanced with breastfeeding but if you have any questions or are looking for some suggestions I can always suggest a few different tips or places to seek help.  

PS. Sorry for the not so great photos, Eric just snapped them last night so I could post this this morning! xo