Our Breastfeeding Journey – International Breastfeeding Week

Our breastfeeding journey started on May 13, 2016 after 22 hours of labor. Charlotte came into the world on her own time but quickly latched right after thanks to the male (yup I said it) nurse in our L&D Room, he was super helpful and helped get her to latch immediately. We transitioned to our postpartum room, and that’s when things went a little south. It was extremely hard to get Charlotte to nurse on my own, and I was always pushing the little button in our room to ask for help. The first night her nursing was a hit or miss and one of the nurses said, “just give her a pacifier and get some rest.” “We’ll wake you when she’s hungry.” Well folks worst advice ever, because the next morning my child wouldn’t latch at all and it was miserable.
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Happy 2nd Anniversary Babe!!

Today marks year 2 of marriage for Eric and I. I couldn’t ask for a more selfless, and hardworking husband. If not for his hard work and dedication to his job I wouldn’t be able to stay home and raise Charlotte. Eric and I met back in Spanish class freshman year of high school. Come junior year we went to different schools and didn’t really speak again for almost 6 years, until Eric started stalking me on Facebook and asking me out. I finally said yes, and we went to a Toby Keith and Eric Church concert, it was over from there. We’ve been together for going on 6 years. We have conquered 7 states, 9 different countries, 2 dogs, and 1 baby together so far. Some days are easy, and other days are not so easy, but at the end of the day we have each other, a roof over our head, our bellies are full, and the amount of love we have for each other will conquer anything it throws our way. I love you so much Eric, thank you for creating this beautiful life with me, and especially thank you for giving me another best friend besides you… aka Charlotte! You’re the best!

Photos Taken By: Chauntelle Graf Photography

Charlotte’s 5 Months Old!!

Charlotte is 5 months old! Oh my goodness, this little pumpkin is growing up so fast, I kinda wish she would just slow down, or at least time would slow down. This past month so much has happened. Charlotte started trying baby food, so far she has tried carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, peas apples and bananas. The only thing she has not liked was peas, bananas and apples. Peas doesn’t surprise me but the fruit did, I guess she will just be my veggie girl. She also started scooting backwards and she scoots in circles, here before too long I just know she’ll be crawling. She is also sitting up for long periods of time unassisted, she loves to be sitting up or laying on tummy or side. Whenever she lays on her back she does a crunch to see what’s going on. She loves dogs, especially her doggies she pets them and it’s the sweetest thing in the world. Charlotte also loves when you hold her hand. She holds my hand to fall asleep at nighttime. Here before too long we’re going to transition her out of our bed and into her own and I’m just not ready yet, I wish I could cuddle her at night for forever. Anyways she still loves her Sophie, also she loves this infantino rattle that she has right now, and of course some car keys. She doesn’t like her pacifier at all, and uses it very rarely when she’s extremely tired, she also doesn’t suck her thumb anymore. I can’t wait to see what next month brings, we just love this sweet girl so much.

Diaper Duty! The Diapers we LOVE!

For my baby shower we received a lot of diapers. We didn’t do a diaper raffle, and Eric didn’t do a Diaper Poker Night, which I wish we would of, but we did receive a lot of diapers. For all of size one and most of size two we didn’t need diapers. We are now in size 3 diapers, and we had to make a decision on what brand we were going to go with. This is my personal review of Honest Company, Babyganics, Huggies, Naty and Pampers diapers.

As new parents the hospital sent us home with Pampers, and seeing that little blue line was so helpful at the beginning, we didn’t really have blow outs with Pampers NB/1 or Huggies size 1 either which was nice. I personally dislike Babyganics for diapers the most, we had them in a size 1 and they truly are the worst. I love all their bath and bottle products but their diapers are crap. I actually exchanged these size three diapers for store credit at Babies R Us, because I couldn’t imagine loosing more clothing to blowouts. We used Naty diapers in a pinch and had them in size NB, they honestly felt like paper and smelt so weird. So we threw most of them away. Just seemed not nice on my brand new little babies bum. The newborn diapers for Pampers were so nice and so were Huggies size 1, like I said above, but once we got her into 2’s they felt different and didn’t seem like they lasted very long, which was kinda frustrating. Honest Company we only had in a size two and I can say from personal experience that these are the best organic diapers I have tried thus far. They’re so nice and lets be honest so cute!

Honest Company also has the best cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and bath products. I’m a major fan of the Honest Company as you can tell, but all that aside, they truly do make the best diapers. Sometimes we have little slips of poop explosions, but it’s never massive or up her back. We don’t change Charlotte throughout the night, we dream feed and go right back to bed, and the diapers are not sloshy or gross in the morning and we never ever have a leak through of pee. I eventually would like to try Parasol Diapers and Bambo Nature, but for now I signed up for the Honest Company subscription, and I love them.

The Honest Company has a wonderful subscription that you can even use for two kids at once if need be. You get six packs of diapers, you can customize sizes, and colors, so for example you can have 2 packs of 3’s and 4 packs of 5’s. I also love their wipes, they’re nice and thick and clean everything up really well. The subscription can be 3, 4, 5, or 6 weeks apart, and you can change the colors and sizes at those times. We also compared buying bulk from Costco or buying from Honest and Honest diapers were actually cheaper in comparison to other brands.

Like I said above this is just my personal experience with diapers in the short amount of time that I’ve been changing them, all babies and parents are different, but this is my opinion.

This link will connect you right to their website if you’re interested in trying them out! 

Anderegg Family Photos – Summer 2016

We decided to get some family photos done, my good friend Chauntelle from Chauntelle Graf Photography took them for us. It was a super quick mini session, which was just enough time for Charlotte’s first awake professional photoshoot. This little girl did so good during our session. She was all smiles for everyone. I wanted to try to get her some photos of just herself, but she absolutely hated the grass (as you can see above). I definitely want to get her some photos done for her 1/2 birthday. I guess from being a professional photographer before photos are so so so important to me, and you can never have too many! I hope you all enjoy these photos!

PS. My outfit choice was not my favorite, the skirt was up a little higher than I wanted, but oh well, you live and you learn!

Outfit Information
Skirt – Amazon
Top – Old Navy
Shoes – Vans
Sandals – Old Navy
Bow – Notes&Knots

Charlotte’s 4 Months Old!!!

This little babe is 4 whole months old! Oh my goodness does time fly. This past month we went to Laguna Beach and loved every minute of it. Getting out of this Las Vegas heat for 4 days was amazing! Charlotte also went to her first MLB game the Dodgers vs Padres, at Dodger stadium. She did so well, stayed awake for most of the game, took a little nap and then woke up. One thing we have learned about Charlotte is that she hates to ride in the dark in the car. We’re not sure if she’s scared of the dark or not. She is growing so fast though, gaining about a pound or half a pound a week. All from mama’s milk which makes me very very happy. We go to the doctors next week and we’ll ask him his opinion on baby food and getting her ears pierced. I know most people say to wait till 6 months, but every time she see’s us eating she always trying to grab at our food and eat it too! We’ll see what the doctor says though. Also this past month Charlie has let us know that unless she’s going to sleep she doesn’t want to be on her back, she wants to be sitting up in her bumbo or on her tummy looking around. She can almost sit up on her own without toppling over. She also has learned to grab her toes, and it’s about the cutest thing ever. The first time we heard her laugh was at out dogs playing, now we try to get them to play on the daily to get her laugh. She just loves her doggies so much, she’s starting to try to pet them. It’s adorable. Charlie loves to read and chew on her touchy feely books from Usborne. Highly recumbent them!!

I just can’t wait to see what this next month brings. We love this little girl so much!

Breastfeeding Week – Our Story


In honor of breastfeeding week, I’d like to share our breastfeeding story! 
Breastfeeding has got to be one of the hardest and rewarding things I’ve done since becoming a mom. Feeding Charlotte what my body naturally provides her has been so amazing though. At first it was a challenge, I did so well the first few hours after having her and then at night time I gave her a pacifier and then she wouldn’t latch on again it was terrible. Eric was trying to help me compress the colostrum out and it just wasn’t working, lots of tears were shed. I didn’t want Charlotte to starve so I start supplementing and pumping to get my milk to come in faster. Pumping sucks! It’s hard on your nipples and it’s just honestly not natural. Once my milk came in I used a nipple shield for about a week and then one night at like 2am I couldn’t find the shield anywhere and so I just said the hell with it and just went for it without the shield and she latched on, and it was the best feeling ever (so I knew she was latched on right). From that day forward it’s been a breeze. I love watching Charlotte grow and get bigger and stronger just from me feeding her. This whole process also helps me watch what I eat, because what I eat she eats essentially. I’m also really nervous about not eating enough, I sometimes though feel like a garbage disposal. Haha.
I was told to give breastfeeding at least 3 weeks before quitting and I pushed through and made it possible. It made me so happy! So if you’re feeling like giving up just give it three hard weeks before you do! Also create a group of girls that you feel comfortable talking to about breastfeeding. My friends really helped me get through the 3 weeks, and even now I still reach out to them for support sometimes! 

I’m not too advanced with breastfeeding but if you have any questions or are looking for some suggestions I can always suggest a few different tips or places to seek help.  

PS. Sorry for the not so great photos, Eric just snapped them last night so I could post this this morning! xo

Shop Small Sunday

I am currently obsessed with small businesses, and their super cute clothes for both moms and babies! Every time I find a company I like on Instagram I find another. My husband gives me a weekly allowance to buy new stuff for Charlotte and I, and I always spend about 3 hours trying to pick a place to buy something from. There are so many small business shops. Lots of Stay At Home Moms trying to support their families or just get a little extra cash to spoil them. I have a serious shopping addiction now that I have a baby, and there is no other way I’d rather spend my money than shopping a small business and supporting another SAHM like myself.

In the photos above I am wearing a “Raise Good Humans” tank top by WeeStructed and Charlotte is wearing a “Rollin with the homies” onesie by SlyFox Threads and a Notes&Knots headband bow. The material and sizing for both items are spot on. I love both and we have worn both items on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for Charlotte this will probably be the last time she’s able to wear this onesie because she’s growing so fast!!

I picked my tank top for myself because there is no greater time to raise good humans like there is today, and plus it’s so cute. I found Charlotte’s onesie through Instagram and it reminded me of the movie Clueless so I had to get it!! I also bought one for one of my friends baby showers as a gift.

Find a small business to shop this Sunday. You’ll be surprised how amazing the customer service and the product is.

Pictured Items:
Jessica’s Tank Top – WeeStructed
Charlotte’s Onesie – SlyFox Threads
Charlotte’s Headband Bow – Notes&Knots

A beautiful outtake from today from my wonderful husband! We’re currently working on his photography skills!! ❤

Charlotte’s Two Month’s Old!!

Charlotte is a whopping 8 weeks old!!! Where has the time gone!! She’s totally a different baby now. Charlotte’s starting to giggle, and can hold her head up about 80% of the time. She still really hates tummy time but we’re working on upping her on the minutes per day. Her doctor is so impressed with how well she is growing and how strong her neck is. Which as a parent it’s all about the little triumphs and wins. She’s such a happy little girl. Charlotte is sleeping through the night since about week 5!!! I think it’s all thanks to our tight schedule and our Dock-A-Tot. I will be doing a review about this product next weekish. Keep an eye out for it!

Pictured Items:
Milestone Blanket – BatzKids
Beach Hat – Pottery Barn Kids
Elephant Security Blanket – Blankets & Beyond
Charlotte’s Bow – Notes&Knots

Summer Vacation – Coronado, CA

For our first vacation with Charlotte we decided to go stay with my parents in there rental house in Coronado, CA. They rented a house in the Cays and it was gorgeous! The neighborhood was so peaceful, I went on a walk with Charlotte, my mom, and her dog Shadow everyday we were there. I even got to sneak away and go to the MLB Celebrity Softball game with Eric, my dad, and my brother one night. We also rented a boat and went around the bay. We saw a few sea lions, they were so cool just chilling around. Eric and my brother got in the water, I did not since Charlotte was asleep on me and I was carrying her in my new WildBird sling. This was my first time wearing it out of the house. I’ll do a full review on it in a couple months once I wear her more in it and get it broken in.

The vacation overall was a blast for only 4 days. Charlotte did great on both car rides, and I think she really loved the fresh ocean air and Coronado’s chill beach way of life, I at least know I did.

My Mama Shirt – RIVER&GRACE CO
My Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana
Charlotte’s Bow – Notes&Knots
Stroller – Baby Jogger
Swaddles – Swaddle Designs
Sling – WildBird

Charlotte’s First Fourth of July!

For Charlotte’s first 4th of July, we just went over to Eric’s Great Aunt Neva & Dee Dee’s house and ate and chatted and had a day party. Charlotte also went in the pool for the first time. She loved it! She fell asleep in my arms, it doesn’t surprise me though because Eric and his mom love baths, and out here in Vegas, swimming is like taking a bath because the waters always so hot.

Charlotte’s Bow – Notes&Knots
Charlotte’s Outfit – Babys R’ Us – Koala Baby