DIY – Mermaid Party Backdrop

When my husbands aunt asked me to design her daughters baby shower invitations I asked her what theme she was going to go with and she said well Rachel’s favorite movie when she was little was “The Little Mermaid” and I thought okay, what about a mermaid theme but take it away from Disney and play off her favorite color Mint, which is also one of her nursery colors. She said yes! We then planned a meeting and I landed myself in charge of the decorations, which honestly is one of my favorite things to do. I love decorating for a party, or decorating a home. It’s a calling I didn’t really know I had in me until recently. Anyways! I was in charge of all the decorations, and where they were to go and what was to unfold. I started with the photo wall backdrop and started looking on Pinterest for ideas. Here is the page I created for Rachel’s Baby Shower you can follow it below or just check out where my ideas came from;

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