Pasadena,CA Trip – Westin Hotel

You guys! We love Pasadena, CA every time we come to see a Dodger baseball game we always try to stay in Pasadena. This Westin Hotel in Pasadena though has got to be my most favorite of them all!

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Labor Day – Laguna Beach Trip

For Labor Day we decided to go to a Dodgers game and go to Laguna Beach for the holiday weekend. We started our weekend by getting up bright and early and heading to LA. Charlotte was the BEST baby on the car ride to LA she stayed asleep the whole trip. We booked both our hotels through our first hotel we stayed at was The Hilton Pasadena. We have stayed at this Hilton before and we enjoy the cleanliness and the location. It’s close to Dodger stadium and that’s all we really need, nothing crazy fancy. It was Charlotte’s first time in a hotel, and we all slept like babies that night after the game. This was also Charlotte’s first MLB game. She loves to watch baseball with her daddy at home, but I’m glad we got to take her to her first game. She was so well behaved, and even took a short nap while we enjoyed the game. Unfortunately the Dodgers lost to the Padres. Before the game we went to a restaurant called Islands Restaurant we have one of these in Las Vegas and have never been to it (big mistake). I had the best burger ever its called the Nalu Nalu Burger. It has roasted garlic aioli, which I just tried for the first time not too long ago and love, the burger also has sautéed onions and mixed peppers on it. Seriously the best burger I’ve ever had. So yummy. I’ve also been trying different beer’s our recently and have been enjoying IPA’s more. Never thought I would like a little hop in my beers but they’re different and yummy.

We booked a hotel on the beach in Laguna called Capri Laguna Inn on the Beach, since it was a holiday weekend it was very expensive, and not thinking about it I booked a queen size room instead of a king (Big Mistake). I mean we didn’t spend much time in our room anyways but I wish we would of gotten a balcony with a sliding glass door and a couch, or even an ocean view room. From just exploring Laguna if I ever stayed there again I’d stay at the Surf and Sand Hotel, much bigger and the amenities were way nicer. Eric had a headache and we had to go over there, because our hotel didn’t have a gift shop. Our first morning in Laguna we just strolled a mile down to the main shopping area, we had lunch at this cute little restaurant called Laguna Beach Brewery & Grille the service was really good, and they had plenty of seating indoors and outdoors, and had high chairs for kids. Even though Charlie fell asleep after a little milk and slept in her stroller, there were other children in the restaurant in high chairs. I ordered the Taco Culiacan, they were delicious and Eric ordered the Carnitas, which were also very yummy. After that we strolled around and went to this little kids boutique called Little Bohemian they had Bla Bla Kids Shop dolls and I just had to get one for Charlotte. We actually let her pick between the mermaid and the froggy princess and she picked the frog. She loves it. It’s so cute! That night we decided to get pizza for dinner from Gina’s Pizza and just relax. The next morning Eric picked us up some coffee and croissants from Koffee Klatch. We then got ready for the beach, our hotel has chairs and umbrella’s right there on the beach with a service guy it was so nice. Charlotte put her feet in the sand and loves it, it was so cute. She enjoyed some mama milk and then took a nice long nap right there next to the ocean. It was so peaceful and nice, Eric fell asleep too. After that we decided to change and get some lunch at Sapphire Laguna ok I know said that the other hamburger place I had was delicious, but this hamburger was also one of the best ones I’ve ever had, and they had garlic fries!! I ordered the Kobe Beef Havarti Cheeseburger and Eric got the Fish and Chips. We then stopped at this cute little gelato place right there next to Sapphire’s it was so good too. We headed back to the hotel and decided to go swimming in the pool. We did that for a little bit and then Eric went and grabbed us sandwiches and we sat up on the balcony of the hotel and ate with ocean breeze and sunset. It was beautiful and simple. I loved it.

I decided that night that with how bad traffic is always coming home from California to Nevada that I wanted to get up early and leave at 4am. We did just that, and didn’t hit any traffic on the way home either, it was so nice. Charlotte did amazing again. We even stopped at the Fashion Outlet’s in Primm, NV and enjoyed some shopping before coming all the way into Las Vegas.

Overall our second family trip ever was amazing and fun. I can’t wait to see where we go next!!

When in Rome!

Rome was our final stop on our Euro Trip. Even though we went to Rome, Italy has so much more to offer and I’d love to go back and see the Almafi Coast, and maybe head over to Greece as well.

When we first got to Rome we headed to the Trevi Fountain only to find out that it was under construction. I was so extremely bummed. I cried. After all the movies I had seen with the fountain I was just so upset it was broken. From there we decided to check out the Spanish Steps, which aren’t really all that interesting. It was extremely hot and over crowded… not like what you see in the movies. haha. That’s night I was craving Chinese food so we went to this amazing Chinese restaurant just down the walkway from our hotel. It had 5 stars on Yelp and it was the best Chinese food I think I’ve ever had. I know what you’re thinking.. in Italy and eating Chinese.. eventually you’ll know why I’m eating so weird.

Our next two days we book these excursions through Viator – Excursion 1Excursion 2 . If you’re new to traveling and looking for a safe way to explore Europe Viator is definitely the way to go. I wouldn’t necessarily book this excursions. It was so much walking, in the heat. Which wasn’t very fun. By the time we were this far into our 2 week adventure I just wanted to lay out by the pool in the heat. I even one day searched high and low for a pool, and was wishing I had booked an excursion by the ocean. Oh well I’ll know better for next time.

The Colosseum and Vatican City were both awesome, something everyone should see. The Colosseum is the oldest monument I’ve ever been in, and the Vatican was the weirdest and coolest place I’ve ever been.

Rome was fun. I stayed a lot in the hotel room because I was very sick, and exhausted. Eric ended up going out with his friend on our last night to dinner and got extremely drunk and puked the next morning before our flight home. Which was pretty entertaining for me, and I didn’t feel bad for him. haha.

C’est La Vie in France!

We visited France right after London, we just hopped on the Euro Rail and jammed over on a 2-hour rail ride through the English Channel. It was so weird to think that we were under water for a bit. During our time in France we saw all the sights in Paris and even got to check out Versailles, there is so much to see and do in Paris. I believe we got most of it covered, but thinking about it now, I doubt it.

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All Things London

London is by far the country I loved visiting the most. It was seriously so amazing and so beautiful, and I’m obsessed with castles and the queen so it only seems natural that I would love it that much.

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Planning a Euro Trip

We have decided to go to Europe, and now we’re planning it. It’s so crazy to think we’re going to go across the Atlantic a million miles to the UK, France, and Italy. It’s so exciting though!! We leave September 1st for 15 whole days, which will also be the longest either of us has gone on a vacation!! Cheers to new adventures.


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