DIY Shiplap Wall

Hey there! I meant to write this post about a week ago, but with a little one things tend to get put on the back burner! So sorry!

We decided to close up the wall to this room when we first moved in. (I’ll add picture below of what this room used to look like) The house was built with french doors on each side of this room and one side led to our master bedroom. We weren’t big fans of people being able to see in our room from the Nevada room (all season room) so we enclosed it. When Eric enclosed it he didn’t use thick enough drywall so where the 2x was it was beveled out and uneven. Needless to say it was an eye sore, so I knew I wanted to do something to make the wall look prettier on both the NV Room side and our Master bedroom side. I decided shiplap was a must for the NV Room!

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DIY – Mermaid Party Backdrop

When my husbands aunt asked me to design her daughters baby shower invitations I asked her what theme she was going to go with and she said well Rachel’s favorite movie when she was little was “The Little Mermaid” and I thought okay, what about a mermaid theme but take it away from Disney and play off her favorite color Mint, which is also one of her nursery colors. She said yes! Continue reading “DIY – Mermaid Party Backdrop”

DIY – Painting Our Cabinets White Using Rust-Oleum Transformations

As most of you know if you follow me on Instagram that we have been gearing up to sell our home. Well actually it was listed at midnight last night. We decided with our realtor a few weeks ago that if we just painted our cabinets white, it would give our home a much more updated look. Continue reading “DIY – Painting Our Cabinets White Using Rust-Oleum Transformations”